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Revoking the irrevocable.

Clients with irrevocable life insurance trusts sometimes have events occur in their lives that undermine or negate the client's original purpose in creating the trust or some of the provisions contained in it. This article discusses some of the options that may be available to clients in these circumstances.

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A New Task for Financial Professionals: Digital Asset Management

By Jamie Hopkins, Esq., LLM, MBA, CFP®, RICP®, Special Guest Author

The digitalization of assets has rendered almost every estate plan in existence today woefully out of date. Professor Jamie Hopkins from The American College describes how managing digital assets simultaneously presents unique challenges for estate and tax planning which traditional planning techniques are unable to handle, and new and intriguing planning opportunities for financial service professionals.

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Enhancing Creditor Protection for Life Insurance

Not every type of asset has the same level of creditor protection, but certain assets – including life insurance – have a heightened level of protection through either the federal bankruptcy code or a state’s statutory exemption scheme. The problem is that all states create their own, sometimes murky, laws for protecting assets from creditors, and policy holders and advisors are left to decipher those laws for themselves. This article summarizes the key elements to analyze when determining if your policy is protected, and provides a suggestion for how to improve that protection.

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