NYL Professional Support Team

Our Experience is Your Advantage

We know protecting your client’s financial security is important. It's important to us too. That’s why New York Life dedicates two premier planning teams to bring the experience, value and world-class resources our agents enjoy to help you deliver for your clients.

The access to this combined knowledge and experience is yet another key advantage that sets New York Life apart from other financial companies. Through this collaborative relationship you can draw on knowledge not often available to individuals.

The Nautilus Group®

The Nautilus Group® is an in-house team of professionals available exclusively to Nautilus Members, an elite circle of financial professionals comprised of approximately 200 successful industry leaders from across the country who work with:

  • Business owners.
  • High net worth individuals and families.
  • Farmers and ranchers.
  • Physicians and health care professionals.
  • Corporate executives.
  • Professional athletes.
  • Entertainment industry providers.

The Nautilus staff, approximately 40 professionals experienced in estate and business law, taxation, insurance, finance, accounting, and philanthropy, is committed to a team approach concept based on a consultative process that fosters an understanding between the Nautilus Member, the client, and the client’s circle of advisors.

The result is a wide range of resources, services and solutions that help clients work with their own professional advisors to attain clarity on their financial objectives and address complex areas such as:

  • Estate planning.
  • Taxation.
  • Business succession.
  • Executive compensation.
  • Philanthropic giving.
  • Retirement distribution.
  • Sophisticated life insurance planning.

The Nautilus Group® is a service of New York Life. Membership is limited exclusively to the Company's agents. To learn more about The Nautilus Group® or to locate a Nautilus Member near you, visit www.thenautilusgroup.com.

The Advanced Planning Group

Behind every New York Life agent is a team of professionals that offers unparalleled support in:

  • Business protection and succession.
  • Nonqualified executive benefit strategies.
  • Tax diversification and reduction strategies.
  • Transnational planning for non-US citizens.
  • Estate tax mitigation.
  • Charitable planning.

Because the Advanced Planning Group supports a nationwide clientele, this team of nearly 40 professionals from legal, tax, insurance and financial services backgrounds has insight consulting on estate and business plans at all levels of wealth and across all 50 states.

The APG professionals draw on this unparalleled knowledge and experience as they work to:

  • Understand client objectives.
  • Examine current planning strategies.
  • Offer well researched suggestions and solutions to help clients optimize their financial goals.

The learn more about the Advanced Planning Group, visit http://www.newyorklife.com/advancedplanninggroup.